Activated carbon manufacturing companies in India | A black powder that does wonders?


Before we dive into activated charcoal, let us see what it really is. Activated charcoal is a highly odourless, porous, and black powder that acts as an adsorbent. This substance was considered an antidote before, but now, with the growing popularity, it is commercialized in different industries for its adsorbing qualities and capability of removing toxins. Activated carbon manufacturing companies in India are using this for purposes ranging from tooth whitening to treating toxic liquids.

What it really is

The “thick black charred residues” that are accumulated on your barbeques aren’t activated charcoal if you are wondering. These materials are specifically made by superheating carbon-rich materials such as wood, peat, coconut shells, and sawdust. They are more porous than regular charcoal and a single tbsp of activated charcoal has more surface area than a football field!

Uses of activated charcoal

Let us see the uses of activated charcoal

1) Better kidney function – Activated charcoal helps in better functioning of kidneys by reducing the toxic waste generated. It seems to be effective in removing toxins from urea which is the main by-product of protein digestion. It acts as a great filter of toxins in patients who are suffering from chronic kidney diseases. This black material is also effective in lowering blood levels in urea and other waste products.

2) Reducing cholesterol levels – It may also help in reducing the cholesterol levels. The reason behind this being it binds well the cholesterol-containing bile acids in the gut. Larger doses of activated charcoals have also been helpful in these cases.

3) Reducing intestinal gases – Studies have also found out that activated charcoal has considerably decreased gases formed in patients. The reason behind is still a mystery but, it works wonders with these patients. With a certain amount of dosage of activated charcoal, the patients have witnessed a gradual decrease in excessive gas

4) Liquid filtration process – Water has more toxins than any other liquid. The toxicity level depends on various organic chemicals that make the water not fit for drinking as well as for other purposes. Activated charcoal employs the same mechanism that it does in the human body, it can interact with various toxins, fungus, algae, and impurities found in water and remove them. Activated carbon manufacturing companies in Tamil Nadu like Cocotech have been using activated carbon for the primary purpose of liquid filtering.

5) Diarrhoea – The fact that this substance acts as a natural-absorbent, it can also be used to treat diarrhoea. It also might be able to prevent bacterial infections that lead to diarrhoea. With few to none side effects of activated charcoal, it is an ideal treatment for diarrhoea.

6)Teeth whitening – There are tonnes of FMCG products that use charcoal as their main part. They incorporate activated charcoal with the toothpaste and other oral products. They might not be effective but they can’t be neglected for their anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties.

7) Skincare – As we previously discussed that activated charcoal is known for its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, they are also used in treating skin diseases as well. It can be used in removing dirt from the face and skin.

8) Gold mining process – Yes, activated carbon can also be used in extracting gold. The adhesion property in this black material helps in the extraction and also gives high hardness and resistance to abrasion. It also ensures that carbon stays intact and does not break into fine pieces.

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