Our Journey began with our founder Shri. S. Vadivel who established VADIVEL FIREWORKS in 1945. VADIVEL FIREWORKS resisted the economic struggles of India in 1960’s. Even before the period of communication and transport infrastructure, our founder had efficient methods of production and marketing. We were one of the various ‘Indigeneous Indian Pyro Technique’ companies that ventured into the market during the British rule. We at VADIVEL look at the rework Industry with a totally different facet and we compete in the market with advanced technology. Machinery and equipments have all been brought under one roof to maximize efficiency.

Vision & Mission

The Mission of ‘VADIVEL COCOTECH’ is to develop and apply coconut shell activated carbon in process related to protect people and the environment from the contaminants in water, air, food and industrial processes; while developing and maintaining a highly motivated workforce that has a business to meet customer’s needs by providing high-quality, cost-effective products and services for purification, separation and concentration in the processing of liquids and gases. We have state of the art system to process Acid Washed Carbons. Our machineries can produce carbon from mesh sizes varying from millimeters to microns range.

Our Values

  • We have configured an excellent state of the art activated carbon manufacturing facility.
  • We train our factory personnel to be a proficient work force.
  • We are an environmentally conscious and responsible company.
  • We practice sustainable manufacturing methods.